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The word wedding ring in English originates from the French word ëallianceí and means consensus, agreement. While it meant the consensus families reached back then, today it means eternal commitment between two people as we have attributed romanticism to it.It is believed that a wedding ring was used in Ancient Egypt first. A circle is considered as the symbol of eternity in Ancient Egypt and Ancient Egyptians used to express their eternal love for their spouses through the wedding ring. 

Back then, it was rumoured that mostly women used to wear wedding rings to demonstrate their loyalty to their husbands.In Egypt, there was another belief besides the eternity that the circle meant. Ancient Egyptians used to believe that the finger, that is named as ring finger, is connected directly to the heart through a vein ( However, it has been proved that there is not such vein). That vein was called ëVena Amorisí (Vein of Love). Therefore, Egyptian men used to give those rings to their wives for them to wear as a symbol of their reliance on their wivesí ability to take care of the house.In Asia, rings were used to demonstrate loyalty; men used to seek loyalty of their wives through a ring. Puzzle rings comprised of several pieces and were difficult to wear. 

When one took the ring off, it broke into pieces and as such, men could see how loyal their wives were when they were away.It is rumoured that during the reign of The Ottoman, a Turkish man got this ring made as he was not sure of his wifeís loyalty and that ring was called harem ring.

Samuel S. EZBER

Jewellery Master